• Natural Ingredients

    Cooked fresh, ready-to-serve meals no artificial additives, preservatives or fillers and only sourced from Australian farmers.

  • Vet Approved

    Four specifically formulated recipes bringing maximum nutritional value to dogs - Approved by Bondi Vet's very own Ray Chan

  • Personalised Plans

    Our Create Now quiz analyses your dog, formulating a precise daily portion specific to them, helping to keep those calories in check!

  • Flexible Subscriptions

    Skip your trip to the pet store choose one of our subscriptions and we'll deliver it directly to your door - just open the box and serve.

Our Ingredients

You wouldn't fill your plate with low quality processed ingredients (except on the odd Maccas run) , so why feed your dog those burnt brown balls and processed sludge.

We have made a commitment to always use weekly fresh fruit, veg, poultry, fish and red meat in our recipes - the ingredients are so fresh and tasty you might find yourself going in for a spoonful!

Another priority of ours is to keep it strictly Aussie! We all should look to source produce locally first and buying dog food is no exception - we've got you covered there.


3 delicioso meals for your pup, backed by science made with love.

  • Chookies

  • The Pesco

  • Lambino


We’re working our hardest to produce a completely plastic free product and we're almost there! Our delivery cartons and insulation liners are recyclable and made from recycled materials. Our meal bowls are made from bio-degradable materials meaning you can send them to landfill or compost them with no impact! Even our lids are made from plants! 

Our ethos is not just to create some chop smacking meals for your dog, but also to live and breathe the low CO2 philosophy. That’s why we've also left beef off the menu and focus on supporting local Australian farmers in other areas. We're committed to keeping your dogs and our planet healthy and strong.