Real food with nothing to hide.

3 recipes certified by our pet nutritionist to provide your pup with a complete and balanced diet - cooked using human-grade, fresh ingredients and delivered straight to your doggy door.

Enjoyed By the cutest dogs across sydney

Molly loves it! She has been a bit picky with her meals lately, but there's no stopping her with Fetchit's freshly cooked meals 💞🐾🐕🤗🐶
Monty is very fussy with food. We have tried so many types of dog food, but they weren't nutritious enough!! We went with Fetchit and can't look back!! WE ❤️ YOU FETCHIT
Maddie gets so excited and interested when her meals arrive. We've noticed her fur become shinier and softer too!
After being on your diet for over 4 months, Frankie has never looked better and has dropped 8kg. Thank you Fetchit!
Misty was sniffing around the box as soon as it arrived. After seeing her gobble it up in no time and return to her bowl several times, Fetchit has Misty's stamp of approval, literally!

The Power of Fetchit

💪 Better muscle growth  

💥 More energy

😋 Satisfied tummy

👏 Wag tail faster

💖 Love life more

🌹 Smell like roses

🦷 Have the whitest smile 

💩 Better #2's

🐶 Be their best canine

Sealed Freshness

Each meal is portioned into convenient containers in a size of your choice, sealed and frozen right after being cooked to preserve the freshness - just open, and pour!

Easily stored. Easily fed. Easily enjoyed.

Your Dog's Chefs

"We were fed up with the conventional dog food industry, promoting burnt kibble and highly processed sludge as ‘natural’ and ‘healthy'...We felt our dog Jonah deserved better.

So with two concepts in mind, truly healthy natural food, and convenience, we created Fetchit.

You will never have to guess what’s in our food. You can literally see it, smell it and they can taste it!

- Matea, Alex & Jonah

The Drool

Why We Add Green-Lipped Mussels to Our Recipes

Green-lipped mussels are one of our favourite ingredients in the Fetchit Kitchen. Not only do they have some great health benefits for humans, they are also highly beneficial for our dogs by helping to reduce joint pain and protect cartilage!

Holiday Edition: What's On Your Pups Menu?

Ah, the festive season – an epic tease for hungry doggies! Here are some suggestions on which foods they can taste, and which should be avoided altogether. 

Why Your Dog Needs Organ Meats

Organ meats are loaded with important vitamins and minerals and are a vital addition in any dog's diet. With guidance from our pet nutritionist and through our own extensive research (plus knowing it makes doggy taste buds go crazy!) we knew how important it would be to fill our dishes with these super-meats.

The Transition to Fresh Food and What to Expect

As your pup is switching away from a dry food diet, it’s important to realise that it’s common to see effects in digestion. At first, you’ll notice variation in the consistency of their number 2's. As your dog’s tummy adjusts and their digestibility improves, their poop’s too will improve!