Recipes certified by our pet nutritionist to provide your pup with a complete and balanced diet - cooked using human-grade, fresh ingredients and delivered straight to your doggy door.

The Power of Fetchit

Weight regulation

Increased vitality

Better #2's

Clean skin, shiny coats

Less "dog odour"

Fewer health issues

Is this a nutritionally balanced diet?

If you're like us, you treat your dogs like family - which is why it's important to guarantee they're receiving a balanced and complete diet.

I can't figure out which portion size to choose?

Settling on the right portion size for your pup can be tricky - so we've written a guide to help you through and understand the process.

Sealed Freshness

Each meal is vacuum sealed in convenient packs shortly after being cooked. Just open, and pour!

Easily stored. Easily fed. Easily enjoyed.

The Fetchit Story

"We were fed up with the conventional dog food industry, promoting burnt kibble and highly processed sludge as ‘natural’ and ‘healthy'...We felt our dog Jonah deserved better.

So with two concepts in mind, truly healthy natural food, and convenience, we created Fetchit.

You will never have to guess what’s in our food. You can literally see it, smell it and even taste it. Trust us we’ve tried it, lots."

- Matea, Alex & Jonah

Our pack is always satisfied

Henry couldn’t get enough of the food. Great experience from start to finish. Thank you.
Monty is a 5 year old Bichone Frise! He is very fussy with food. We have tried so many dog food recipes but he only stuck with his raw mince meat, it wasn’t nutritious enough!! We went with Fetchit and can't look back!! WE ❤️ YOU FETCHIT
Groodles are very fussy, however Charlie licked the bowl clean. Thank you Fetchit.
I was about to start eating it with him smells sooooo gun. Can't wait for the next bag!
Hanky loves it! He's never looked or smelt better!

The Drool

The Ugly Truth About Kibble

Dry kibble was invented barely 60 years ago, and dogs have been around for about 14,000 years. What did they eat before? “Human” food! Feeding fresh isn’t new, kibble is.

Are Fruit and Vegetables Good For Dogs?

Just like us, dogs require a variety of organic foods and nutrients for a balanced diet. So which fruit and vegetables are good for dogs?

Obesity in Dogs: A Massive Health Threat

Vets say there’s a sizeable difference between what owners think their dogs should look like, and what a healthy body composition truly is. 

A healthy diet and regular exercise delivers excellent health benefits and ensures our loved ones are well looked after!