Holiday Edition: What's On Your Pups Menu?

Holiday Edition: What's On Your Pups Menu?

Holiday Edition: What's On Your Pups Menu?

Ah, the festive season – an epic tease for hungry doggies! While you’re cooking and serving up your Christmas ham or pavlova, chances are there is a four-legged friend watching your every move. While you might not be able to resist those sweet, begging eyes, it is important to know that some holiday foods are off-limits. The suggestions below are general guidelines, if your pup has allergies or a medical condition, avoid foods that will trigger a reaction. When in doubt, consult your vet before the big day.


The Appetizers

Cheese – ones that are low in lactose and lower in fat like parmesan, cheddar and mozzarella are your best bets and okay to share with your dog in moderation. High fat (brie, blue cheese) and flavoured (with garlic, onion, hot peppers) cheeses can irritate your dog’s stomach and should be avoided.

Crudité (hold the dip) – deciding to start with a veggie platter? You can most definitely share this low-cal snack with your furry friend - carrots and cucumbers are popular, even broccoli for the more adventurous pup. Be sure to skip the creamy, mayo-based dips.

Charcuterie – meat choices like salami, prosciutto and pate, or pickles and olives, though super yummy for us, is super high in fat and often contain spices like nutmeg or hot pepper that can make your dog sick – so refrain from sharing these.

Grapes – these (and raisins) can be deadly to your dog, even in small quantities. Should your pup ingest one by accident, speak with your vet immediately.


The Sides

Veggies – serving up vegetables like sweet potato and string beans? Your canine friend can certainly enjoy these in moderation. A good rule of thumb – plain, unsalted and without the heavy toppings (butter, seasonings) – is best for your pup to enjoy. To check out more on what fruits and vegetables dogs can eat, visit The Drool.

Stuffing – bread, onions and lots of butter make stuffing a no-go for your pup. This is because bread can cause havoc in their tummies, onions are toxic, and butter is loaded with unhealthy fats.

Cranberry sauce – avoid feeding this topping to your furry friend. Though cranberries are okay for your pup to eat, the mixture with added sugar and sweetened juice is too much for them to handle and digest properly and can cause stomach upset.


The Entrée’s

Turkey & chicken – it’s completely fine to drop some of this lean poultry into your dog’s bowls. Offer white meat and leave out the skin, bones and gravy. Cooked bones are dangerous for dogs as they can splinter and harm their insides!

Fish – plain salmon and whitefish are among the best choices for your pup to enjoy. Be sure to pick out the bones and skip the creamy or fatty sauces. You can even share plain oysters with your pup – they are an excellent source of protein, omega-3 fatty acids and minerals like Zinc, Iron and Selenium!

Ham – at this point in your holiday feast, your doggy may be staring up at you with big eyes, begging for a sliver of juicy ham. It’s better for them in the long-term to leave this out of their diet – it is very high in both salt and fat, which can lead to stomach upset or pancreatitis.



Fresh fruit – satisfy your pups sweet tooth by offering a delicious piece of fruit. Some of the healthiest fruits include apple, banana, blueberries, mango, pear, orange and watermelon.

Whipped cream – you can certainly share a taste of this topping with your furry friend. Avoid with lactose intolerant pups, or consider coconut whipped cream.

Cookies, cakes and other baked goods – these desserts should be avoided at all costs. They are high in fat, calories, butter and sugar, which can make your companion sick. Chocolate is also toxic to dogs – it contains a chemical called theobromine and caffeine, which dogs can’t metabolize as well as their hoomans!  


Better yet, fix them a plate of Fetchit!

We have another simple solution for you! Drop our fresh and healthy meals into their bowl and save yourself the trouble of deciphering what they can and can’t eat during the Christmas period. You can forget about the table scraps and offer your dog something special – meals prepared specifically for them and delivered right to your doorstep.

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From all of us at Fetchit, we hope everyone has a joyous and safe Christmas, and a Happy New Year!