Making the Switch To A Fresh Food Diet

Making the Switch To A Fresh Food Diet

Making the Switch To A Fresh Food Diet

You've made the much-needed and beneficial switch from processed food (kibble and canned food) to a fresh food diet - give yourself a pat on the back! Doggies fed fresh natural foods are usually healthier than dogs on commercial diets, resulting in fewer health issues, reduced vet bills and greater immunity and energy. 

Making the switch to a fresh diet can cause a disruption of the good bugs in your dog’s tummy – called the microbiome – but if you transition over a period of time, their microbiome will adapt. Gradually transitioning to new food helps with stomach upset – especially if they are used to eating kibble (imagine how your stomach would react if you ate the equivalent of cereal puffs every day and then had a steak!). 

Below is a suggested guide to help your dog make a smooth transition to the Fetchit diet:

All dogs are unique, and some may transition faster than others, so monitor them closely and use your own judgement. It is very normal to notice a change in their #2’s as they’re transitioning and once their tummy adjusts so will their stools.

For us at Fetchit, we find much joy in watching dogs eat fresh, healthy meals we have prepared ourselves, knowing the quality of the ingredients and the nutritious value it provides!

This is the transition they need and deserve – no more cereal puffs for dinner!

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