The Fetchit Story

The Fetchit Story

The Fetchit Story

Our Dog Jonah

Our Fetchit journey began with our dog Jonah, a handsomely large Rottweiler X German Shepherd – currently weighing in at 55kg’s of pure muscle, he can jump a two-meter fence with ease. His coat is lush and as dark as midnight, quite an imposing figure should he stroll over for a smell! But have no fear he is kind and respectful, with a heart of gold (just don’t come down the side of our house too quick, you may be met with staunch warnings!).

As you can probably tell, we are very proud parents and have been since the day we birthed (bought) him.

But Jonah has not always been the picture of health he is today. He experienced ashy skin, a dull dried-out coat, and gut issues causing terrible bowel movements, bloating and runny #2’s.

So, like most doggy mums and dads, we went searching for the answer in ‘healthy’ kibble (disclaimer: there is no such thing). We tried Science Diet, Hills, Blackhawk – you name it we tried it, with no success. We turned to cooking him homemade meals.

It proved difficult to create fresh meals for Jonah each day, but his health was progressing so well…

Our Journey

We dove into researching the benefits a wholefood diet has on a dog’s health and started the conversation with family and friends. Our research and feedback pointed to one thing – processed diets are harming our dogs, but there is no convenient alternative. Owners everywhere were unknowingly sacrificing their dog’s health for convenience. This was a problem we committed to solving.

Bang, the idea of Fetchit was born. What if we could provide healthy, freshly cooked meals, using recipes formulated by professionals (like our pet nutritionist) and deliver them conveniently to owners, each fortnight? No more bad health, no more unhappy dogs, and no more trips to the store to buy bags of cruddy processed balls – just convenient, healthy meals, delivered.

Along our journey we discovered a revolutionary book called ‘Big Kibble,’ which uncovers the malicious nature of large pet food companies. Give this book a read, and we can guarantee that you will never buy your beloved dog another bag of kibble again.

Fetchit has become our passion and life, we are here to change the industry and educate owners everywhere that processed diets are a thing of the past.

We’d love for you (and your doggy) to lend us your paw and follow us on this journey!