Tips For Caring For Your Dog In Wet Weather

Tips For Caring For Your Dog In Wet Weather

Tips For Caring For Your Dog In Wet Weather

Dogs have to go out every day, not only do they have business to tend to, they also need their exercise! Try one or more of these tips in wet weather:

Keeping your pup dry and clean

Dogs will need extra bathing after they have been out in the rain to remove dirt and mud. Be sure to use warm water – it can help to warm them up and make them feel more comfortable. After rainy and muddy adventures, it’s a good idea to rub them dry with a towel so they don’t get too cold.

Exercise indoors

It’s not always possible to dodge the wet weather. Turn what could be a test of patience into quality bonding time by practicing training/tricks, playing a round of indoor fetch (if space permits!) or entertaining them with toys.

Provide a warm, clean place

When the weather outside is cold, there’s nothing better than a warm bed to snuggle up in. You could even place down blankets and tuck in your doggy when they’re ready for bed. Make sure to wash their beds weekly, as a wet bed accumulates the same allergens and bacteria as wet fur.

Shelter from the rain

When out in the rain, look to play under shelter or walk under trees as they can offer cover. You can also provide areas of shelter outside when your dog needs to use the toilet.

Doggy raincoat

Raincoats made specifically for dogs can keep them drier and warmer while they are out. It can also be quite stylish too!

Check the weather forecast

You may get lucky and find pauses in the rainy weather. If so, you can plan to take your dog for a walk when the least rain is expected.

Avoid busy streets

Cars speeding through puddles can make you and your dog extra wet! Avoid sidewalk drenching’s by sticking to quieter streets and dog parks.

Give your pup more attention

Being stuck inside all day may give your doggy a version of the ‘bad weather blues.’ Pay attention to these signs and show them love by giving them extra hugs and treats. If you’ve ever scratched behind your dog’s ears, you’ll know it sends them off into a sort of doggy trance. It’s a great way of putting their minds at ease during rainy days!