How to Recycle

Boxes & Insulation

We use eco-friendly, sustainable cold chain packaging that doesn't cost the earth.  All parts can be responsibly disposed of without having to go to landfill.

The box – is recyclable, and can be placed it in your blue bin. Alternatively, it can be reused!

Insulation – rip the plastic film off, this is recyclable at REDcycle points, or through any commercial soft plastics recycling. The wool within is home composable and biodegradable. It's suitable to place in your green garden bin or even bury in your backyard.

Gel packs – these are eco-friendly and can be snipped open and drained in your sink, and then recycled at REDcycle points.


Meal Packaging

Containers – these are recyclable, make sure to rinse them before placing them in the correct bin.

Sealing film  these are recyclable at REDcycle points.

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Alternatively, we can take them off your hands! 

We'd be happy to retrieve the box, lining and ice pack upon your next delivery! Let us know and leave it in a safe place on delivery day and we'll swap it out with your fresh box!


Let's take care of our planet. As far we as know, it's the only one with dogs on it!