Pack Features
  • 14 yummy meals: a variety of our chicken, salmon and beef recipes, cooked fresh every fortnight in our human-grade kitchen. (Let us know at checkout if your pup has any allergies so we can accommodate).

  • Easy and free delivery

A happy dog is a healthy dog

This natural fresh food diet will provide amazing short-term health benefits for your doggy, you'll notice cleaner skin, a shinier coat, renewed enthusiasm for eating, less ‘dog odour’ and increased vitality! It will also bring your dog integral long-term health benefits, like reduced risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease, and degenerative illnesses. Give our nutritional info a read to learn more! 

The diet they deserve and the convenience owners need.

All recipes are certified by our resident pet nutritionist - check out our recipes!

From kibble to fresh

Get your dog away from big company kibble and processed sludge and introduce them to the right diet.

Transitioning your dog to a fresh diet that’s additive-free and packed with nutrition is what they need and deserve, so no more rice bubbles for dinner!

If you want to learn more about the transformative (and delicious) journey into better health, click here.

Portion Guide

Choose your portion size using our guide below and leave the cooking to us!

Unsure? Check out our portion guide, send us an email (, or consult with your vet.

Let's rethink dog food. Feed fresh, feed local, #feednatural.